Security Solutions

We live in a society under a perceived threat from myriad sources. Many of these threats are now a reality that faces us on a daily basis. We are frisked and put through metal detectors as we enter airports, office buildings, multiplex or mall. Our society needs protection from random and planned incidents that threaten to throw our fast pace of life out of gear. Today, our security solutions involve threat assessment, surveillance and analytics, automated access and access control systems and a range of biometric and other devices that ensure that life and comfort are protected and threats kept out of range. Security solutions apply to intellectual property that ranges from highly qualified people to trade secrets. It involves data and information systems on the one hand and projects and whole cities on the other. Every installation that we depend upon for our normal daily life needs protection whether it is our power grid, water supply or an information system..

The security solutions include:

City Surveillance and Key Installations

Integrated security and surveillance platforms that provide support to law and order establishment and city administration. This solution integrates command and control centre modules with strategic surveillance and analytics platforms. Akass Systems works with leading edge international partners to custom design city and city landmark specific solutions.

Perimeter Security

Large campuses need a secured Perimeter Protection System to stop intruders from having access to the campus. This is very essential in particularly large campuses where manning every entry / exit point is close to impossible 24 hours a day.

Access Control

Access Control System performs 2 primary functions:

Control of all Entry/Exit points from an Area/Facility

Tracks and Logs personnel throughout a facility The Access Control forms a security barrier and hence protects the facilities from unauthorized entries. Every individual working in the facility has unique cards hence trespassing is avoided.

Video Surveillance and Analytics

Video Surveillance Systems form a vital part of any building's surveillance set up, as they help in monitoring the movement of people. The prime application of Video Surveillance Systems is to identify any unauthorized movements and to help avoid any untoward incidents from taking place in the campus.

Asset Tracking

Surveillance and communication centric solutions.

Vehicle Automation & Parking Management

Vehicle access control, surveillance and control systems.